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Tourism in Dharmanagar

The second largest city in Tripura following Agartala, Dharmanagar is a city possessing stupendous natural beauty. The city of Dharmanagar is known for its green and serene surroundings. The city is also known as an ancient with the presence of ancient temples here. Let us check out the things to do in Dharmanagar city.

Tourist Spots in Dharamanagar

Some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Dharamanagar are:

Jampui Hill

Jampui hills

Situated 92 km from Dharmanagar, Jampui hill is the highest hill range in Tripura. Jampui is called the eternal hills of spring and is famous for its exotic scenic beauty. Jampui is primarily known for orange plantations which are famous throughout India.

The scenic beauty of Jampui hills makes it a worth visit for travelers who want to escape amidst nature. Visitors have the opportunity to have a panoramic view of the beautiful valley and the villages of Mizoram from the various view points located here. Tourists will have a memorable trip seeing the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the hill side. The hill side is famous for its splendid weather condition, beautiful orange garden and orchid and the green forests. The Jampui hill wears ethereal beauty during monsoon by being cloud-capped giving breathtaking experience to visitors. Every year during November the unique orange and tourism festival is celebrated at the Jampui hills during which time many tourists come to participate in the event. The Tourist Department of Government of Tripura organizes various package tours from Agartala to Jampui hills.

Udayan Buddha Bihar

Udayan Buddha Bihar

Situated 28 Km from Dharmanagar, Udayan Buddha Bihar is one of the popular religious spot in North Tripura. The idol is made of 8 types of metals "Osto Dhatu" and is 4.5 ft. in height and weighs 300 Kg. Udayan Buddha Bihar is thronged by hundreds of devotees during Buddha Jayanti.

Dighi Lake

Dighi lake

Situated at the centre of the city, Dighi lake is one of the topmost tourist attractions of Dharmanagar. The lake is home to two of the most significant temples in Dharmanagar-- kalibari and Hari mandir. The temples, the green surroundings and shops located nearby make the Dighi lake a lively tourist spot.



The iconic Kalibari is located in the heart of the city. Built hundreds of years back, the kalibari temple is the most revered religious spot in Dharmanagar where the presiding deity is Goddess Kali. The temple is situated on the banks of the Dighi and is thronged by visitors all year round. It is a sight of sheer joy when the temple is lightened and decorated up during Kali puja and Durga puja.

Hari Mandir

Located close to Kalibari is the Hari mandir, another important religious spot in Dharmanagar. The temple is situated on the banks of the Dighi and is a significant place of pilgrim spot for people of Dharmanagar.

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